A sneak peek at the hub membership

Our virtual talks and collaboration-focused meetups are all dedicated to helping you grow your business with the help of expert guidance and a supportive community of founders and entrepreneurs. You're welcome to join any of our meetups and/or talks and experience what the hub membership is all about through our 14-day free access link. Sign up below.

Here's what we've planned for our members in February.

What to expect:

A no-agenda chat where we can talk about business, life and anything in between, and most importantly - connect! The entrepreneurial journey can feel quite isolated at times so join us and meet other members of the hub.

When: Thursday 8th February, 7pm - 8pm GMT 

What to expect:

Learn tips and tools to help you build your brand identity. In this workshop, Haille Norris - the heart and soul behind the brand and website design studio Haille Norris Design Co., will be sharing what a brand identity really is, why you need one as a holistic wellness entrepreneur, and how you can create and convey an identity that feels aligned and attracts your ideal clients.

When: Thursday 15th February, 7pm - 8pm GMT

What to expect:

Connect with other founders and entrepreneurs and explore collaboration opportunities. You will be invited to introduce your business and share what you're currently looking for in terms of support. We will discuss collaboration synergies and how we can support each other in growing our businesses.

When: Thursday 22nd February, 7pm - 8pm GMT

What to expect:

Touching on scarcity when it comes to business or lifestyle is not something we see in a lot of conventional networking meetings. In this month's Vulnerable Networking meetup, we will be sharing openly about our experiences previously and currently when it comes to experiencing scarcity and how it shows up in our daily lives.

When: Monday 26th February, 6pm - 7pm GMT

What to expect:

During this month's Mindful Entrepreneurship meetup, you will experience a guided hypnosis visualization that will reprogram your subconscious mind for abundance and how it gets to show up for you in your business.

When: Thursday 29th February, 6pm - 7pm GMT

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