Co-creating opportunities for startup founders and service entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and support each other on their business growth journeys.

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We know how it feels to be facing the uncertainty of building and growing a business and feeling alone in the process. Inside the hub membership, you will find multiple opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs in an informal, safe and supportive environment, and explore collaboration synergies that can help you drive your business forward. The hub isn't just a place to help you tackle business challenges but a place to receive ongoing holistic support when facing challenges outside business too. Here's what you can expect from joining us.


weekly drop-in meetups and collaboration profiles

Our weekly drop-in meetups and collaboration-focused member profiles allow you to share what support you are looking for with the community and explore business growth synergies. Not only do we create the space for collaborations to be fostered but we collaborate with our members too - you can book our Member Takeover Circle and share your story and journey, bringing visibility to your business and directly connecting with other members. Collaborations we've fostered:


community-led meetup circles and peer support

Led by our Founding Partners and community members, The Co-created Meetup Circles are recurring, themed monthly events where you can connect with other business owners on a similar journey and receive peer and mentoring support. We host multiple meetup circles on a range of topics so that you can tap into various communities and create a support circle of connections you can lean on while meeting entrepreneurs from all over the world. Our monthly meetup circles:

Holistic Growth:

the Co-created Talks and our Speakers' Directory

Through our business and holistic wellness talks and Speakers' Directory, we provide you with expert-led resources and connect you with trusted service providers. We strongly believe that, from a place of holistic connectedness between your conscious, superconscious and subconscious mind, you can uplevel your performance, create sustainable progress and thrive on your founder journey. The talks are facilitated by our Speakers with whom we're collaborating on an ongoing basis so that you can get in touch with them for support directly in the membership. Talk recordings you can watch in the hub:

Mutual Support:

The Speakers' Directory

All our Speakers share resources in the Speakers' Directory where you can also learn more about the services they offer. The best part? They are members too so you can reach out to them and explore collaboration synergies.


Our Joining Tiers


Founding Membership


Billed Annually

  • Attend any meetup and talk
  • Connect with other members via our Member Directory¬†and review the collaboration opportunities shared in their member profiles
  • Attend our weekly collaboration meetups¬†
  • Get featured in our Member Spotlight Series on the blog (1500+ unique monthly views) and share your startup story with our readers
  • Book our Member Takeover Circle and host a meetup/ talk on a topic of your choice to bring visibility to your business and share tips and tools with our members (we like to co-learn together!)
  • Access resources and services in our Speakers' Directory where you can find vetted holistic wellness and business growth service practitioners
  • Join our Affiliate Partnership Programme and help us grow the community¬†
  • Join our founder's circle (Kristina's Circle) and receive monthly group coaching and mentoring support directly from our founder. As a member, you can also book one-to-one intuitive business mentoring sessions with Kristina at preferential rates
  • Get personally introduced to other members in similar niches and let us help you build connections and partnerships¬†
Get a taste of the community and our events - apply for our 7-day complimentary access pass

Visibility Collaboration

Application & invite-only tier

  • All founding membership benefits¬†
  • A 60-minute visibility strategy session with Kristina Todorova, Founder of The Co-created Hub
  • Host an educational talk in the hub membership and introduce your services to the community
  • Have your business profile featured in our Speakers' Directory in the hub membership so that other members can learn more about your services and connect/ collaborate with you
  • Get featured in our educational blog interview¬†series (1500+ unique monthly views) and share your expertise with our readers¬†
  • Take part in a joint LinkedIn Live to boost your visibility and reach
  • Collaborate¬†with¬†us and scale your business through an Affiliate Partnership¬†with the hub

Acceptance into the hub as a Speaker is subject to vetting. Our Visibility Collaboration Tier is intended to connect our members with trusted service providers while bringing visibility to impact-driven businesses that align with our brand values.


Kristina's Circle


Three-month tier

  • All¬†founding membership benefits
  • 3 x 60-minute intuitive business mentoring sessions with Kristina, Founder of The Co-created Hub
  • Monthly group mentoring sessions, live chats and frequency embodiment practices inside Kristina's Circle
  • Access to Kristina's network to further boost business growth and expand your circle of connections

This tier would most benefit conscious founders and entrepreneurs who are ready to holistically upgrade their performance. Through utilising her gift of clairvoyance and clairsentience, Kristina activates dormant frequencies within your energetic body while providing hands-on coaching and mentoring support to further catalyse your business growth. 

Clients' experience with Kristina
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Our members'experience

Cecilia Amato,
Founder of Amato Creative Works

I love the Hub because it offers a sense of vulnerability and familiarity that I didn't find in other networking groups. I feel like the founder, Kristina, and every member of the Hub shares the same values as me - intuition, authenticity, and a new way of running a business. I've really enjoyed the masterclasses so far, especially by Founders at different stages of their business. I walk away from every meeting with renewed inspiration. I've gotten two clients from the Hub and have had mutual IG lives and LinkedIn Live talks with other members of the Hub. After maternity leave, I cannot wait to get back and have soulful, deep conversations with the members again. 

Hajra Razak,
Founder of Genki Bazaar

The hub has been a game-changer for my business, Genki Bazaar. Their holistic approach to collaboration provided the perfect ecosystem for me to connect with like-minded individuals. It's not just about networking; it's about being part of a community that genuinely supports and elevates each other. This hub kickstarted my passion for designing logos and websites, allowing me to collaborate with brands within the community and bring their visions to life. The connections I've made here are invaluable. Moreover, the workshops offered are incredibly insightful and inspiring, fueling my creativity and driving my business forward. The hub isn't just a platform; it's a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Sean Heyes,
Founder of More Connection Co

The Co-created Hub has been a space that has encouraged confidence in myself as an entrepreneur. It has provided me with my very first professional connections in the health and wellness space, who actually get the vision of my product and company. The feedback and creative collaborations I have found through the community have been both energizing and invaluable for the development of my product. I truly can't speak highly enough of the motivated and focused individuals involved in this community.

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