You deserve to thrive - in every area of your life."

 - Kristina, Founder of The Co-created Hub

Our mission

The Co-created Hub is a community-focused platform on a mission to inspire, educate and create opportunities for passion-led founders and entrepreneurs to connect and grow their businesses in a more holistic and sustainable way. We aim to bring more wellness, connection and collaboration to the entrepreneurial journey so that you can build your business in an inspiring and safe environment, with a supportive community of like-minded people.

Our values 

We promote connection on all levels – mind, body, spirit and people.

We bring people together and form communities around shared values and goals.

We champion collaboration as a means of creating sustainable business growth.

How we do it

We provide holistic wellness resources, events and educational content to help you explore the consciousness-mind-body connection and utilise it for the purpose of enhanced well-being, creativity and performance.

We bring coaches, mentors and founders from a range of industries to share experiential learning and tips that can support your business growth.

We create an inspirational, collaboration-oriented environment that fosters genuine connection and opportunities to partner, cross-promote, exchange resources and work with other founders and entrepreneurs who align with your business goals.

Our Story

" It was the spring of 2019 when I left a London-based corporate career and moved to a small island in the Atlantic Ocean to pursue my dream of building a coaching business. Little did I know what was headed my way. A few months into my new life and just as everything seemed to be going in the right direction (a flow of clients, island lifestyle, supportive partner), it all started crashing - very rapidly. Tumour. My grandmother passing away. My grandfather passing away. Break up. Hitting rock bottom financially. And, moving back in with my parents in Bulgaria where I’m from. This was the beginning of a year and a half of intense (and unplanned) spiritual growth (some call it Dark Night of the Soul) that changed my mindset and life in ways unimaginable

I went deep into holistic healing, using alternative healing modalities such as meditation, energy healing and herbs, restoring the health of my reproductive system despite the doctors giving me a 1% chance of recovery. Practising breath-focused meditation daily allowed me to find strength, peace and even joy within, and opened me up to exploring the realm of consciousness. I taught myself how to use mindset and energy management techniques to help press the restart button and bring about positive changes, this time from the conscious perspective that we are so much more than a thinking mind and a body. I relaunched my business as a digital coaching platform in September 2021 (with as little as £200 that I had saved from an English teaching job I had taken) and relocated back to London to begin my life anew and build my business.

What started as a digital coaching platform aimed at helping people create lives and businesses around what lights them up evolved into becoming a community-focused hub for passion-led founders and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and grow their businesses together.

This is how the Co-created Hub was born.

Through my experience of facing burnout, depression and anxiety all while growing a business, I’ve come to know the value of adopting a more holistic approach to dealing with the challenges the entrepreneurial journey brings and building our businesses. When we work holistically, keeping our spirit, mind and body in balance, and execute strategically, choosing the most aligned and effective strategies, we are able to create sustainable success and enjoy the journey.  And, when we are doing this in a supportive and collaboration-oriented community of like-minded people with whom we can share ideas and resources, we feel less alone and become simply unstoppable

Welcome to the community." - Kristina

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