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Our mission: to inspire, educate and create opportunities for passion-led founders and entrepreneurs to connect and grow their businesses in a holistic and sustainable way. We aim to bring more wellness, connection and collaboration to the entrepreneurial journey so that you can build your business in an inspiring environment, with a supportive circle of like-minded people.

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Meet and connect with like-minded founders and entrepreneurs in the Co-created Collaboration Hub. We host weekly inspirational talks, collaboration-centred events, and business and holistic wellness masterclasses, all for the purpose of helping you grow your business and walk the journey in a healthier and happier state.

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Get inspired on our podcast where we talk about the reality of the entrepreneurial path in an open and honest way, while also chatting about all things wellness, consciousness and business. 


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Discover wellness and lifestyle products that will help you feel, look and perform at your most confident without harming your health or the environment. We feature conscious brands that are as focused on offering premium products as they are on making a positive impact.


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Meet our founder

Kristina Todorova is a certified Transformational Life Coach, Business Strategist, and founder of the Co-created Hub and Coaching for Transformers – an award-winning coaching company specializing in intuitive coaching & consulting. Following working as a trainer and corporate coach, Kristina embarked on the path of entrepreneurship in 2017 by setting up her coaching practice.

Her journey of navigating entrepreneurship while facing mental and physical health challenges gave her the inspiration to launch and build a global community-focused hub where other entrepreneurs can receive ongoing support with building their businesses, whilst also benefiting from health & well-being resources and having access to vetted wellness practitioners. Kristina is a huge believer in the power of collaborative business growth, genuine and meaningful human-to-human connection, and the importance of having a supportive community that makes the founder’s journey feel less isolated. The Co-created Hub blends the world of business and holistic wellness to assist its members in creating sustainable business growth and thrive mentally, emotionally and physically as they progress on the entrepreneurial path.

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