Human Design for Entrepreneurs: Understanding Your Type with Claire Campagna, Self-Discovery Coach

business growth tips from experts May 23, 2024

Do you intentionally tap into a heightened state of performance (aka the "flow state") and align your unique energetic makeup with the way you are running and growing your business? There's plenty of content out there that speaks about developing your skills and expertise, but how about taking it one step further and exploring how you were wired to show up energetically so that you can use this information to create more success and fulfilment in your business? Welcome to Human Design. Claire Campagna, Self-Discovery Coach and Human Design Mentor joins us to speak about what Human Design is and how entrepreneurs can utilise this tool to drive business growth and access more flow in their day-to-day life.

Tell us more about yourself and what inspired you to start your business.

A quarter-life crisis led to my fascination with the process of self-discovery, and ultimately, the inception of my business. I followed a traditional path for the first 2.5 decades of my life - using my Packaging Science degree to offer technical consulting to engineers and I became quite proficient in my chosen career path. From the outside looking in, I was objectively successful by the time I had hit my mid-twenties: respectable job with a six-figure income, recently married to my long-term partner, and surrounded by supportive friends and family. But internally, I had never felt more unfulfilled or directionless. I allowed this frustration and confusion to fester for a while before doing anything about it because I felt ashamed and ungrateful, given that nothing was actually “wrong” with my life. It was exactly what I had worked hard to achieve, so why was I so unhappy?

As the gap between my internal and external reality grew, I decided that I was willing to explore any avenue that would help me to reconnect with my true self; the "me" beneath all of the labels that I had begun to deeply identify with over the years. Eventually, this self-discovery journey led me to astrology and Human Design, and as much as my sceptical mind tried to resist these systems, I couldn’t deny that the real me finally felt “seen” when interpreting myself on this energetic level. 

I began offering insights to anyone who would allow me to read their charts and realized that this way of connecting with people - helping them to lovingly shift their perspectives of themselves - was the exact type of fulfilment that I had been craving. Once this became abundantly clear to me, I hired a business coach and the rest is history!

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a tool that is meant to be experimented with for the purposes of self-discovery and self-mastery. Unlike other personality assessments (like DISC, Myers-Briggs, and the Enneagram), Human Design investigates the personality on an energetic level. This system blends the insights of both ancient and modern energetic studies such as astrology, the I Ching, the chakra system, Kabbalah, and quantum physics to form a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of one’s energetic makeup.

Can you share more about the different Human Design Types and what each type entails?

Gladly! Note that these descriptions are by no means exhaustive, but this should offer a high-level overview of each of the five energy types in Human Design. First, it’s worth noting that your Human Design “type” speaks to your overarching energetic makeup; essentially, your aura. This will directly correspond to your “strategy”, which offers insights into how you are designed to engage with the world on an energetic level to experience more alignment and less resistance. A description of each type and corresponding strategy is below:

Generators: Generators make up about 35-37% of the population - they are the steady builders of our world. Generators have a sustainable connection to their sacral centre, the space of creation and life-force energy. When Generators pour their energy into projects that fulfil them, they will continue to be energized so they can keep doing more of what they love. The opposite is also true - when Generators continually place their energy towards work that lacks personal satisfaction, they will feel frustrated and drained of their energy. Generators are designed “to respond” as life presents them with opportunities; using their gut reaction to discern if something feels like it will fuel them or deplete them.

Manifesting Generators: Manifesting Generators make up about 32-35% of the population - they are the multi-taskers of our world. Like Generators, Manifesting Generators also have a sustainable connection to the creative, life-force energy that exists within the sacral centre. While it’s still essential for Manifesting Generators to direct their energy towards fulfilment, they tend to move quickly (like Manifestors) and typically prefer to work on multiple projects at once. They often find satisfaction through immersing themselves in a wide variety of interests, and in doing so, they offer us new and efficient ways of meshing ideas. Their strategy is a blend of Generators’ and Manifestors’ - “to respond” to opportunities based on their energetic connections to them, and then “to inform” others of how these seemingly disconnected interests all jive to minimize confusion.  

Projectors: Projectors make up about 20% of the population - they are the guides of our world. Projectors have a unique ability to see the potential deep within others and advise them on how to activate it. Unlike Generators and Manifesting Generators, who are here to create and spark passion in themselves and others, Projectors offer the gift of insight and will feel exhausted when they try to operate like the masses. Because of this, many Projectors become coaches, teachers, and/or therapists in some capacity. The Projector strategy is “to wait for an invitation” before offering insights because otherwise, their advice can feel pushy, condescending, and/or unwarranted. It’s essential for Projectors to surround themselves with people who recognize the wisdom they have to offer so they can minimize feeling bitter and underappreciated.

Manifestors: Manifestors make up about 9% of the population - they are the trailblazers and innovators of our world. They see things differently than most and possess the ability to initiate action that can create a massive impact. They are often so progressive in their thinking that they sometimes struggle to understand why others aren’t able to keep up and/or see their vision. Manifestors are designed to do things differently, so their strategy is “to inform” because the other 91% of the population needs to understand why it’s worth taking the risk of doing things outside of the norm. Informing helps Manifestors to minimize potential resistance and misunderstandings as they navigate life in their own unique way.

Reflectors: Reflectors make up about 1% of the population - they are the mirrors of our world. Reflectors have very open and receptive energy, making them highly sensitive to their surroundings. Because of this, Reflectors will benefit from being extra selective when it comes to the people and environments that they surround themselves with. This inherent sensitivity makes Reflectors highly adaptable and impressionable, so it is essential that they carve out plenty of space to recenter in their own energy on a regular basis. The Reflector strategy is “to wait a lunar cycle” when making decisions as this offers them enough time to take in their surroundings and form their own opinions, which will minimize the likelihood of disappointment.

How can we apply our Human Design Type to our business?

It’s important to note that we are only skimming the surface in this interview, and there are many other layers of Human Design that can be massively supportive when applied to your business. But even just by taking the above information into consideration, you can bring your business actions into energetic alignment with your natural flow. My clients and I have found that this not only feels better because you are able to be more intentional about where you are placing your energy, but this shift can drastically improve your business results as well, whatever they may be. By transitioning out of business practices that feel forced (even if they work for others), you are able to operate in your zone of genius by focusing your energy on your natural proficiencies and interests. What I often hear from clients is that Human Design offers a permission slip to run your business in a way that feels uniquely aligned with you.

Your holistic approach to helping entrepreneurs deepen their self-awareness involves interpreting their birth chart placements and Human Design Bodygraph. What can we learn about ourselves based on these tools?

So much. Both tools help you to reconnect with your most authentic self so you can start honouring your nature in the way that you energetically interact with the world on a daily basis. In my experience, I’d say that your birth chart is an excellent tool to increase self-awareness and cultivate self-acceptance. The Human Design Bodygraph then offers practical ways to work towards self-mastery by bringing your life into greater energetic alignment through your actions.  

Where can our readers learn more about your services and connect with you?

You can check out my Instagram or my website and joining my mailing list will be the best way to stay up to date with what I’ve got going on! Subscribing offers you access to my “Planets & Sign Cheat Sheet” to help you interpret your birth chart as well as insights into each new and full moon, specific to each rising sign. I’m a Projector, so please don’t hesitate to “invite” me to offer my insights if you have any questions!


Meet our Speakers: Claire Campagna is a Self-Discovery Coach and Astrology and Human Design Mentor located in the Southeast USA. Claire blends HD, coaching and astrology to support her clients in gaining self-awareness on a deep energetic level, allowing them to leverage their natural gifts. In her hub talk - "Self-Discovery at an Energetic Level: Using Human Design and Astrology", you will learn how to practically apply your Human Design Type to your business to make progress from a place of alignment with your unique energetic makeup. Click here to learn more about how you can join the hub and watch Claire's talk.

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