Manifesting Tips: How To Use The Law Of Attraction

exercises holistic wellness Sep 29, 2022

Have you been trying to manifest some of your goals and desires, but your manifestations seem to be taking forever to come about? If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction and embrace its principles, you may already know that we attract the energy we emanate into the Universe. Recently, I had to revisit the LOA teachings and come back to basics in my conscious manifestation work as some of the things I was trying to bring about were not manifesting fast enough. Having realised that having a sense of urgency when attempting to intentionally manifest an outcome is an indicator of operating from a scarcity mindset, I had to remind myself that it is all about matching the vibration of what we desire to manifest physically. I asked myself: "Kristina, what energy have you been sending out recently?". Today, I want to share a simple tip that I use, which helps me to snap out of victim consciousness, re-adjust my vibrational frequency and embody the energy I want to attract and experience in my life. Before I share the exercise thought, let's talk about resistance


I have noticed that the things we hold little resistance towards manifest speedily. That is because we do not have subconscious and unconscious beliefs which are getting in the way of energetically embodying their vibration. Once we embody their vibration, we create energetic resonance, and they begin to manifest - as physical opportunities, as thoughts that inspire you to act, as people who come your way and offer help. Yes, you can draw things to yourself, literally. This has been my experience with manifesting intentionally. 

The quickest way to discover whether you hold resistance is by thinking about the result of the goal you want to achieve and tuning into your body - how is your body reacting when you visualise the manifestation? Do you feel excited and certain that the outcome you want is fully attainable? Or do you feel doubtful? Your body will signal the level of resistance you hold. I did this exercise a couple of days ago, and I noticed how my gut was reacting to the images I was visualising - I felt unsafe to receive the full manifestation I was calling in and working towards. This realisation was like a breakthrough to me because although I had the certainty I could attain it, deep within, I did not feel safe having it. So, I had to do some digging and uncover some of the beliefs that were creating the feeling of "un-safety".

Resistance can also be unconscious. In my digital conscious manifestation journal, I share an exercise which teaches you how to uncover limiting beliefs that you may be unaware of and shift them. When you make the unconscious conscious, you can work on and dissolve the resistance.

The manifestation technique

The exercise involves two simple questions that you need to ask yourself:

"What energy do I want to attract in my life?" 

"How can I match that energy?" (through my thoughts, feelings and in your actions)

For example, if you have been trying to manifest a romantic partner or a sum of money, think about how you would be feeling if the person or the money had already entered your life. What emotions will you be experiencing? Can you name them? How can you feel more of these emotions in the present? I teach multiple frequency embodiment practices that help you to intentionally create emotions inside my journal. 

When you are conscious of the vibrational frequency you choose to align with in your mind and body (think of vibrations as emotions), you are more aware of the energy you send out into the Universe. The fun begins when you start to see your desired manifestations taking place physically, like some of our customers, who have been using the frequency embodiment practices from the journal (you can see their comments here).

As Carl Jung says: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate.” 


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