December 2022 Horoscopes - Vedic Astrology

holistic wellness Dec 04, 2022

By Dr Surya Chaudhri, Vedic Astrology Expert

Vedic astrology is based on sidereal time, and it takes into consideration the ascendant (the rising sign) and the moon sign (where your moon is placed in your birth chart) unlike Western astrology where the sun sign is taken into account. The moon sign can give detailed insights into a person's innate gifts, inner world and potential. To find out what your ascendant and moon sign are you can google ‘Free Vedic Astrology Birth Chart’ and find a relevant website, fill in your personal details (name, place of birth and time of birth), and the software will prepare your birth chart and show you your moon sign.

In regards to the monthly predictions below, I recommend that you read the horoscopes for your ascendant and moon sign. For example, if your ascendant is Aries and your moon sign is Gemini, read the horoscope for both Aries and Gemini. These are general predictions for the current month; if you would like to receive a personalised prediction (horoscope) for the next three months or book a detailed birth chart reading, you can do so here. To those of you who are new to the subject of Vedic Astrology, you can read my blog interview where I explain what makes it accurate and how it differs from Western Astrology. 

December 2022 Horoscopes 

Aries - Your beliefs are changing because you've seen and experienced a lot this month - that is swaying you into shifting your perspectives tremendously. Another thing that I do see is an outflow of money. It may be that payments are due, which you must pay up, or you may be overspending due to the festival season. Decrease your spending and strive to be in control of your finances. There may be some issues that need to be addressed in your family matters, however, all in all, you are going to open up to a new way of looking at your life in a spiritual context. You might have some opportunities for travel as well.

Taurus - This is a pretty rough month relationship-wise because a lot is going on in terms of relationship activity. It could be that your partner doesn't see things from your perspective so learn to give in sometimes. Deep changes are expected for you this month, as the new moon is going to be in your eighth house, and hence, there will be a transformation in your thought process. You will begin to see things from a deeper, more soul-led perspective in terms of how you can make things work in your relationship.

Gemini - This is a time of change - things from the past are resurfacing, and a lot of old memories and experiences would show up, leading you towards changing your life for the better. Don't let yourself remain stuck in your past because you may end up dealing with emotional issues that are going to creep in; use the past as a platform for learning and growth. If you are in a relationship, be kind to your partner as there may be times they will need your support. This will deepen, enrich and heal your relationship. 

Cancer - You will find that some old friends may stir you up and get under your skin. You need to re-evaluate and decide whether you want to continue or let go of these friendships. Pay attention to your health this month, and focus on healing. When it comes to your professional life, you may need to review your approach to work, your co-workers and/ or employees and introduce changes that can make your life easier and better. 

Leo - You will look to dig deep and find a sense of purpose and meaning through your work as you may feel that there is something about your current job that does not work for you anymore. This is a month where you will be highly creative and look for ways to stop putting so much energy into work. You may have some ideas about how you can generate passive income and make some investments. 

Virgo - You will be exploring your beliefs and spirituality and changing your perspectives. If your father is present in your life, you may have some issues to address and resolve with him. Even if he's not around, there may be issues around your home, family, or parents that you may need to deal with and look at from a different perspective. This is a new beginning for you, and it has a lot to do with your family life and beliefs. You might be evaluating the sense of security you get from your family and how you operate within the family dynamic. 

Libra - This is a time for deep introspection of your life. Many changes have come about in your life, and you must surrender to the Universe and embrace these changes. This is a time of learning new things and maybe taking new classes. This is also a glorious month for making radical shifts and changes that will ultimately improve your life.

Scorpio - You might find that your partner is not as agreeable and might be bringing up old things from the past. Don’t get caught up in a blame game even if you are feeling provoked. These issues might have something to do with financial situations but rest assured that you will be coming up with new ideas about how to increase your flow of money. 

Sagittarius - It's time for you to pay attention to your health, watch what you eat and develop healthier habits and patterns. You are going through a transformation, and you may feel inclined to start changing the way you dress, the way you look, and, ultimately - the way you feel. You are changing and growing. So, if you feel like a makeover, go for it. 

Capricorn - If you have children, then it’s time to work with them. They may need your attention and praise and look for ways to connect with you. This is also a time for completion and ending what you had started. Do not get stuck dealing with old issues from the past. Let the things that no longer serve you go. Refresh and renew.

Aquarius - There is a lot going on on the home front, probably related to renovation or redecorating. If your mother is still around, she may need your help. If she's not, then there may be some remembrances, leading you to review your relationship with her or your sense of security and home situation. You may be invited to quite a few parties and social events where you will meet new people. 

Pisces - You are learning all sorts of new things and you may organise a few short trips. This is a time for you to get moving and learn new things. If you feel drawn to taking a specific class, don't postpone it. Your career is a point of focus this month, so taking those training courses may come in handy in the future and help you to enhance your career prospects. 


Dr Surya Chaudhri is a Vedic Astrology Expert, Relationship Counselor and Medical Professional with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Vedic Astrology and Strategic Leadership of Medical Affairs. His strategic orientation skills coupled with the ability to interpret key planetary movements have allowed him to coach and guide professionals and entrepreneurs from various industries with the help of Vedic Astrology. 


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