Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor: Should You Become A Member?

business growth Jun 24, 2022

 As a digital entrepreneur, coach and content creator, one of the things I love the most about my job is writing and sharing my thoughts. When I first received an invitation to apply for joining the Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor Program, I thought it was a brilliant opportunity to get media coverage and reach a wider audience by having my articles published in their magazine. So I applied and became a contributor. 

Being an Executive Contributor has helped me grow my community and network and meet like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world. Gaining exposure is such an important part of building a business and, if you are a fellow coach and small business owner, creating opportunities to get featured in the media can fast-track the growth of your business. Today, you are going to learn more about the Executive Contributor Program and why you should consider applying for it. 

Who is the Executive Contributor Program for?

The program is a 12-month invite-only membership that would be particularly useful to coaches, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and experts who are looking to share their knowledge and insights and reach a bigger audience. It is a paid membership which allows you to submit 12 articles and have them published in the magazine. The program comes with access to a private community of contributors and other business owners where you can network and promote your business. You may be thinking: 

“ Wait, will I be paying for publicity? 

Is Brainz Magzine real?

Is Brainz Magazine a scam? 

Is Brainz Magazine legit? 

Yes, Brainz Magazine is legit and it is not a scam. Other publications can charge between 2000 and 5000 USD for publishing a native article whereas the Executive Contributor Program gives you publicity for a tiny fraction of that price. Similar to the Forbes Council Membership, which enables entrepreneurs to get featured in Forbes and increase their visibility, becoming a contributor with Brainz will make you visible in the eyes of potential clients and customers while helping you build credibility. 

Who reads Brainz Magazine?

Brainz covers a range of topics such as leadership, personal development, business, lifestyle, and sustainability. Their articles reach readers from over 65 countries and are read by more than 300,000 people every week.

Who owns Brainz Magazine?

The magazine is owned by Winkvist Group, with its headquarters located in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded by Caroline Winkvist - CEO & Editor-In-Chief, Fredrik Elfqvist - Partner & Head of Content, and Daniel Ålund - Partner & Head of Committee. Its mission is to be an advocate for human success by providing appealing content that will inspire, empower, and educate people across the world. To bring this mission to reality, they strive to work with forward-thinking entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders who can use their platform to share their knowledge and stories and offer exceptional value to their readers. 

Why should you become an Executive Contributor?

Becoming a contributor brings multiple benefits which extend beyond the PR and Publicity opportunities the magazine provides. Apart from reaching new people and expanding your audience, you will meet other small business owners and experts from different industries. A key benefit for me has been the Brainz community through which I met amazing people and secured collaborations that have helped me grow my business. So, is the Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor Program worth it? It definitely is, in my opinion (you can read what other contributors are saying about their experience with the membership on their executive contributor reviews page).

Is this program for journalists? 

The Executive Contributor Program is not suitable for professional journalists or writers who are looking to pitch a news article or story to the magazine. It is also not suitable for PR Agencies who are looking to promote their clients (PR Agencies can apply for the Brainz PR Membership). The program is an invite-only membership for entrepreneurs and coaches invited to contribute because of their expertise. 

How to join the program

You can submit an enquiry about joining the program by completing this form and the Brainz team will be in touch to share more details about whether you qualify to apply. They also offer free guest writing opportunities; however, they receive a huge number of enquires and cannot guarantee that your article will be published. You can apply for getting featured as a guest writer by completing the above form. And, if you are looking for a boost of inspiration, you can read their articles here

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored review. Keep in mind I only endorse services and products I have tried and recommend because of my experience with them. 

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