What My Rock Bottom Taught Me

kristina's journey Feb 25, 2023

By Kristina Todorova, Founder of the Co-created Hub

Although I often talk about some of the setbacks I faced in 2020 and 2021 and how they shaped my mindset and life, I decided to share some of the most valuable lessons that these two pivotal years taught me.  I hope that this part of my story will give some comfort to those of you who may be going through some tough times. I will be honest with you – writing these lines and re-calling some of these memories wasn’t easy but I wanted to openly talk about the moments that made me who I am today and inspired the creation of Coaching for Transformers.

My journey to spirituality

Whilst I have always been spiritual to an extent and believed in “energy”, I was raised in a Christian Orthodox family in Bulgaria where no one even knew what meditation was or spoke about it.

Up until my 29th birth year and to my family’s delight, I was working in a stable 9 to 5 job as a corporate trainer and coach, living a comfortable lifestyle, going on a few holidays a year and doing nothing “really spiritual” apart from yoga on Sundays. Meditation had proven to be a useful tool when I was going through a mild depression in my mid-twenties but apart from that, I wasn’t really dedicating much time to it. In April 2019, I took a leap of faith and decided to quit my London-based job and re-locate to Jersey, the Channel Islands so that I could focus on building my coaching business which I had set up in 2017. Within a few months of living in Jersey and as my business had just begun to take off and I was preparing for the launch of a new coaching programme in January 2020, I discovered I had a tumour. A few days later, my grandmother passed away. These two moments marked the beginning of my spiritual journey.

I began to use meditation as a means of finding comfort and dealing with pain and grief. One day, while I was meditating, something almost surreal happened in my meditation - I clearly saw myself sitting in my doctor’s cabinet and heard him say “you are perfectly fine.” Whilst my doctor had confirmed there was a small chance for me to avoid surgery and prescribed medication for a few months, my rational mind could not believe “the vivid image” because the symptoms had not subsided.  You can imagine my shock and the overwhelming feeling of gratitude I felt when, a couple of months later, at a doctor check-up, he confirmed the tumour had almost disappeared. Now, was that a “miracle”, a “coincidence” or maybe I had “just gotten lucky”? There’s more to the story. Keep reading.

Lesson 1: Meditation is a gateway to joy, peace, and hope (even amid emotional turmoil), and to an intuitive knowing that we all have

I continued meditating daily and using breath-focused meditation as a way of dealing with some troubling emotions. I discovered that, even when things in my business and personal life were turning upside down (summer 2020 theme) and I was feeling a lot of pain and disappointment, I could sit still, for an hour, and completely dissolve these negative emotions, even feel joy and peace. I also discovered that if I was to “ask (the Universe; Higher Self) for help”, during my meditation practice, I would often receive inspiration or random thoughts or words concerning some of my projects and business. And, if I was to act upon them, they would often lead to amazing opportunities and useful encounters. Those experiences led me to dive deeper into learning about spirituality, quantum physics experiments and vibrations.

Lesson 2: Manifesting works (no matter how many people tell you this is just “woo woo” stuff)

In the summer of 2020, during lockdown, I began to experiment with applying the principles of the Law of Attraction and began to work with my mind much more intentionally. I would pay attention to my thoughts, quickly shift negative thoughts and emotions by doing different practices and often, to my surprise, I would manifest things I wanted almost immediately. That gave birth to creating and releasing my conscious manifestation journal (“The Life By Design Journal”), where I am sharing some of the practices I use to this day. As I was getting all excited about “manifesting my dream life”, having just convinced myself that I could manifest pretty much anything, my whole world began to crumble, again. My granddad passed away unexpectedly. Within a few weeks of him passing away, I broke up with my partner. A business decision I had taken did not bring in the anticipated revenue. So I found myself moving back in with my parents with an almost empty bank account and in a state of complete devastation, with my physical health deteriorating by the day (you would ask me: “what happened with all of your LOA techniques, Kristina? Well, keep reading). 

Lesson 3: Rock bottoms lead to the re-direction that we need to begin fulfilling our truest and biggest dreams

Questioning why things had unfolded the way they did despite all my "spiritual work"; forcing myself to get out of bed every day and rapidly losing weight (I had become 39kg), I decided to take some time to heal and ask for help (not an easy task for someone used to always relying on herself when it came to mindset and energy work). I chose to heal holistically as, given the nature of the health issues I was dealing with, my reproductive system would have needed to rely on pills to function properly and that was a big “No no” for me. This is how my energy healing journey began, a journey of even deeper spiritual work, long meditations and walks in nature that not only led to physical recovery but to healing my heart from the pain and completely shifting my mindset as to what we, as human beings, are capable of.  I remember saying to myself that if I managed to bounce back and re-build my life from scratch, from my tiny village in the Bulgarian countryside, then, one day, I would share the story of how I did that – that thought alone used to give me the hope I needed to not give up on my dreams in spite of having no idea how I would achieve them. If I was to give this chapter of my life a title, I would call it “a journey to my true self where all things are possible”.

As I began to feel better and better, my vision for my life (and consequentially – my business) became clearer and clearer and, in September 2021, the idea for re-launching Coaching for Transformers as an inspirational life coaching platform was born. I wanted to create a digital space where people could go and find tools that could help them start their own journey of exploring what they truly wanted for their lives and realising it by consciously using their minds and energy. I also wanted to give them the opportunity to receive help with dealing with mental and emotional health challenges free of charge, hence many of our blog articles include easily applicable self-help exercises by experts in the field of energy healing and holistic well-being. 

Had I not had my “rock bottom” moment, you would not be reading this today on the platform that came into existence because of it.

The moral of the story?

Hitting our lowest points in life is often an opportunity to experience the inner growth necessary for us to be able to achieve our biggest dreams. They serve as a re-direction to ourselves – to our truest and deepest desires and to uncovering abilities that often lie dormant and untapped while we are busy living unfulfilling lives. And, as to all my Law of Attraction techniques? Well, they did come in handy on my healing journey as I would often turn to my toolkit of mindset & energy tools to keep a positive attitude, not give up on my dreams (even when things felt hard and I wanted to) and attract opportunities and resources that supported me in successfully re-launching the business.

So if you are going through your “rock bottom” moment, worry not - this is just the beginning of a new story that you will get to tell one day.  

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