What Is Human Design And How It Affects Your Business Success with Melanie Hill, Human Design Guide

business growth tips from experts Mar 16, 2023

What if there was a singular tool you could use to help you tap into your soul's purpose and unique gifts and build a business that provides you with freedom, fulfilment and wealth? Welcome to Human Design. I had heard business owners talk about the Human Design System but never really dug into it until I came across Melanie's work. Melanie Hill, today's guest on the blog, is a Human Design Guide and Business Mentor who supports female entrepreneurs and coaches in designing businesses infused with their unique magic. Having hit $100k within 10 months of running her business but not enjoying her work, she quickly learnt she had to find a way to create a business that would align with her (versus her aligning with the business and ending up resenting it).

Hello and welcome, Melanie. Can you share more about how you discovered Human Design in the first place and what you do as a Human Design Guide? 

Sure. So as a Human Design Guide, I help women entrepreneurs build a business that they love, that's sustainable, that can be scaled with ease and fun, and is centred around their value system and not the value system they're told they're supposed to have, so their business can not only be fun but also much more lucrative in the long run.

I discovered Human Design a couple of years ago. I heard about it from a few different coaches that were talking about it and I was like, “Okay, what is this?” so I looked it up. And I was like, “Wow, this is really accurate!”. It was incredible. And so I hired my first Human Design mentor and it was just so amazing. It has helped me do so many things but it has mainly helped me trust myself. And that is how I was hooked. Ever since then I've been like this is my thing. I have to do this. I have to help other people understand and love themselves deeper.

What exactly is Human Design?

It's like your therapist meets the best personality test in the world! Human Design is a synergy of several different systems out there. It takes astrology, the I-Ching, the chakra system, and quantum science and puts them all together. It’s a guide that helps you understand your energy, how you're here to move through the world, how you harness and find your specific power, and how you can create the most robust support system around you.

If you are walking around feeling very unsupported in your life, it's because you're really out of energetic alignment. You're trying to act like you are a different Human Design Energy Type than you are. You are going off of your conditioning instead of how you’re designed to move through the world. Human Design is the roadmap back home to self-trust and self-love.

How has Human Design helped you in your business?

It's so hard to count the ways. It's helped me completely transform my business into a business where I get to be lit up and love every single aspect of what I do, every single day. Because I know when I'm lit up and excited by what I'm doing and it is fun, then it is the right thing. And that is what will bring me all of my results. 

It's given me permission to stop doing a lot of the things that I didn't want to be doing in the first place. It's helped me align with my value system and create a business around my unique magic. Now I understand what I'm really here to say to the world. Human Design can clearly show you your life purpose. It helps you understand what you came here to share and how you're here to say it, and even how you're going to be perceived by the world. Human Design has been the key for me in building a business full of passion and creating amazing income, and it has given me so much freedom in my life. It is because of Human Design that I have created a business that I love showing up in every day.

How can we find out what our Human Design Type is?

You can go to my website: www.melaniehillcoaching.com and click the button that says, “Get Started with Your Free Chart.” You will need your birth date, place of birth (for timezone purposes), and time of birth. Your time of birth is important for the highly specific parts of your graph and sometimes, even the bigger (broader) parts of your graph. If you don't know your birth time, it's worth getting your birth certificate, asking your parents/ family members and trying to get as close to the actual time as possible. Enter your information and you’ll see your chart and Human Design Type. Then, once you know your type, you can begin to align with your energy.

You have been coaching female entrepreneurs and coaches on building and growing their businesses. What are the main blocks your clients come to you with, and how does Human Design help with moving past them?

The main blocks I see in my clients are in their conditioning or the story they believe about themselves and the world. They believe that they have something to prove or they're feeling a lot of pressure. Those are the two main blocks that I see in most of my clients. And that’s like you putting your value, your lovability and your inherent worth outside of you, so then you need to create a certain result to “prove” yourself. You need to have a certain person see you or value you in a specific way so you can finally tell yourself, “Oh yeah, see, I am a good person, am a good mom, am a good coach. Oh, now I'm legit. I've finally made it!”. There’s all this pressure to “get there", desperately wanting to prove something to the world or themselves, to their family, colleagues, and/or whoever. 

Human Design helps you move past that because you can clearly see how you have been conditioned and why you have that one thing that you want to prove or that main block which is affecting you. It helps give you permission to just let it go. You can let that go. You can start practising how you are made to move through the world. Then, you start to build evidence that having more fun is what creates results for you. It's not in being attached or proving anything to anyone or doing it in a way that feels hard. That's another thing a lot of my clients believe - that it has to be difficult to be worthwhile; that running your business has to be quite hard and full of effort to get to where you want to go. But really, Human Design can help you start to experiment with different things like - what if it could be fun? What if I could do less and make more money? What if I could just focus on that one thing that I actually want to move towards, which has nothing to do with income? Then, seeing that focusing on your truest desires is what creates income. 

It gives you a bunch of permission. That's how it helps you move past blocks, through the permission and the container in which you can experiment with your energy. You begin to build trust with your energy and your value, and this trust is key to building a business that you truly want to be in, that is scalable and gives you freedom. We all want freedom. And we can feel so trapped by our businesses if we are not getting out of these blocks.

Can you expand more on the relationship between Human Design and money?

Yes! Human Design helps you discover what you value beyond just money for the sake of money. This helps you create more money in your life because it helps you value yourself. When you trust your own innate value, you value your services or products and charge your worth. Having trust in your abilities and in your worth helps you start sharing your most natural, amazing gifts with the world. You’ll start to create more; you’ll start to help your clients more effectively and it isn't because you're doing more - you're just trusting your value. You're using your very specific, unique gifts that you knew you had, you just didn't really trust them and now you do. Then, when you're sharing these gifts with the world, people are just drawn to what you’re offering, they're getting results, they love you, and they want to work with you. This creates demand and so much abundance in your life. 

Another way that Human Design can help you create more money is by giving you so much of your energy back. When you stop fighting with yourself, when you stop fighting with who you are, when you stop resisting your core energy all the time and trying to do things in a way that doesn’t work, you save a lot of energy. And when that happens, everything you do becomes more potent and more fun. You have more energy to do things that make you better, that make your coaching practice better and your marketing - more magnetic. So it fundamentally is a great tool to help you create more money in your business and your life. 

There are also a few very specific energetic codes in your Human Design that are around your ability to open up to and receive abundance. Some people call them abundance codes. You can connect with these and see if you are aligned with your abundance codes. You can see where you are holding yourself back and how you can align with your unique codes. This will effortlessly create more wealth, gratitude and abundance on all levels all around you.

Where can our readers learn more about your work?

I have a podcast called Hack Your Human Design on all the platforms. You can get your free graph on my website: www.melaniehillcoaching.com. You can also follow me on Instagram (@melaniehillcoaching), and I have a link in my bio where you can get my free masterclass, which is all about how to read your human design graph. This is where you will find other resources and offers as well. I share lots of amazing content on Instagram and my podcast comes out every week. 

Thanks for joining me on the blog, Melanie. 

Thanks for the chat. I loved taking part in this! 

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