DR. VEGAN: Ethical, Plant-Based Supplements For A Healthy Glow

conscious business spotlight holistic wellness Mar 24, 2023

 Feeling and looking our best can have a huge impact on our confidence. If you’ve been following my journey to restoring my health after healing from a tumour and experiencing quite a few hormonal issues, you know how challenging it has been to clear my skin and bring its natural glow back. I believe in the power of holistic wellness and treating health imbalances from within so when I came across DR. VEGAN - a supplements brand that uses naturally-sourced, plant-based and additive-free ingredients, I decided to give it a go. It’s been about 10 days since I have been taking their Skin Saviour supplements and my skin is already starting to look plumper and clearer. Today, I am going to share more about the Skin Saviour formula and the brand itself as I love DR. VEGAN’s commitment to helping their customers improve their health in a way that is non-toxic to the individual and non-harmful to the environment. 

The Skin Saviour

The Skin Saviour supplements contain 11 gut-friendly probiotics, prebiotics, botanicals, and essential vitamins that help restore the glow of your skin and reduce blemishes (some of the key ingredients are Acidophilus, Hyaluronic acid, Grape Seed, Green Tea, and Bilberry). The product is a vegan collagen alternative – it stimulates your skin to produce collagen naturally, which makes it look plumper and healthier. Knowing that these supplements are created by nutritionists and made of additive-free ingredients has been a huge factor in deciding to try them, as I do not believe in compromising our well-being for the sake of beauty, especially when we can choose products that are both effective and non-harmful to our health.

DR. VEGAN's motto: “Better Me. Better Planet.”

DR. VEGAN’s products are delivered in plastic-free, home compostable pouches. With your first order, they also send you a refillable tin which you can use for your vitamins and supplements as you re-order (the tin can hold up to 84 capsules). I am a big advocate of buying from brands that are actively taking steps to minimise their impact on the environment and promoting more sustainable consumption choices. Taking care of our planet should be on everyone's priority list. 

I have partnered with DR. VEGAN so that you can get a one-off discount of 20% off across their full range of products (they have a whole selection of vitamins and supplements to help support different well-being goals). You can click here to learn more about their products and use code CFT20 to get your discount.

Disclaimer: this is an affiliate link, and I will be earning a commission if you purchase a product through the link. Keep in mind I only endorse products I have tried and recommend because of my experience with them. 

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